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안녕하십니까? 현대자동차그룹 전자제어기술 기업 현대오트론에 방문해 주셔서 감사합니다.

I would like to welcome your visiting to Hyundai Autron, an advanced electronic

control technology company in Hyundai Motors Group. 


The recent years as people's life styles changed, automobiles are becoming 

mobile living spaces which provide not only economic, Eco-friendly and safe

driving but also happiness and pleasure.


Electronic systems, visible and invisible, play an increasingly significant role in

handling the complicated systems necessary for precise vehicle control.


As an advanced electronic control technology company, Hyundai Autron

researchs and develops electronic systems with Hyundai Motors Group.


Hyundai Autron's core competencies cover E/E architecture design,

semiconductors, electronic control units, and embedded control software,

all contributing to the perfection of automobile core value.


Hyundai Autron will dedicate automotive industries by using its full

competencies which develop a variety of state of the art and

unprecedented technology.


Please keep your interest in Hyundai Autron, where young and talented

people perform their creative and challenging spirit.


Thank you.

CEO , Sung-Hwan, Cho