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Electrical / Electronic (E/E) Architecture Research & Development Hyundai Autron performs the development of the Next Generation Vehicle E/E Architecture.

Hyundai Autron optimizes the system components and variants of the vehicle electronic systems via architecture development. Thus, our aim is to improve the quality and reduce the development time including simplicity and weight reduction of vehicle electronic control systems.

Development of the Next Generation Power Architecture
The more electrical equipments are applied on vehicles, the more high-voltage is needed. We develop the power network architecture and energy management strategy for supporting new functionalities with affordable cost.
Modularization / Commonality / Standardization
We define and standardize the common module of software, hareware and wiring, thus we can improve the cost and quality problem of the electric control system.
Development of the Next Generation In-car Communication Protocol
The needs for high speed communications among the systems has increased by the growth in the electric control systems. In response, we develop the next generation communication protocol such as CAN-FD, Vehicle Ethernet.