Driver’s Experience & Convenience Controller Hyundai-Autron provides controller development servicing & the development of new driver’s experience in controller.

Hyundai Autron proposes a controller specification standardization and general logic development for a Better Driver’s Experience. We take traditional HVI (Human-Vehicle Interaction) to a whole new level of excitement by developing a Smart Key, AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head Up Display), and much more.

Body/Convenience spec. standardization
In Body/Convenience part, we shorten
development timing and reduce human
resource by spec. standardization
Body/Convenience logic development
For the efficiency of the development,
we provide algorithm and logic of
BCM(Body Control Module), Smart key,
HUD(Head-Up Display)
SW Platform development for Hyundai Motors
To maximize efficiency, stability and reusability,
we provide standardized automotive software
platform. Starting from Body/Convenience part
to complete automotive electronics